Articles about USA, Americans and Anti-American information.

1. Bush and the World.
2. "Why they hate us?"
3. "War forever!"
4. State of the Union Bombast.
5. What are dangers of playing 'cops of the world' role?
6. Americans don't know geography.
7. American soldiers kill two S.Korea girls
8. S.Korean don't want to see Americans in own pubs
9. U.S. Airman Guilty of Rape in Japan
10. US crew 'stood and watched' as trawler sank
11. Iraq war will cost 1,9 Trillion. - and Americans tell still about helping to poor country
12. More and more people in the world hate USA - it's American research !
13. Americans pay for the weapon, that not works, billions dollars
14. US Pilots take the drugs, they are afraid to fly. - and bomb anything that they see. Stupid Americans!

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